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29 December 2014

How to learn WebRTC quickly

by Kenneth Geisshirt

Review of WebRTC Integrator's Guide by Altanai Bisht

I picked up the book - not because I'm working on WebRTC or related stuff but simply to get an idea of what this new technology is all about. It's a lengthly book, and the author seems to know every trick of the trade. After finishing the book, I feel that I have a better understanding of what WebRTC (and SIP and PSTN) works - at least on the high level.

One thing I like about the book is that it has many diagrams. As I don't have an in-depth experience before reading the book, the diagrams help me to get a understanding fast.

From a practical standpoint I like chapter 9. It's about native clients of the most widely used platforms today (both desktop and mobile). If you read the book to years after publication, it is probably outdated, and I hope that the publisher will ask the author to update it and publish it at their web site.

Chapter 10 touches a topic which is only going to become larger: WebRTC and TV. Today, we see a shift from broadcasting services (like BBC) to streaming services (like Netflix), and a contemporary TV set (SmartTV) is more a connected computer with a monitor than a receiver of TV signals. Reading chapter 10 is like looking into the future. The book also mention WebRTC in healthcare, and I guess that most countries are discussing how to implement remote healthcare so patients can stay at home.

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